Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Peridot and Cape Amethyst Spiral Necklace

I recently made a set of jewelry order for a customer of mine using my favorite color combination, purple and green. For some reason I just love those two colors together and apparently I'm not the only one.

Once again I used the spiral stitch on this piece. I really enjoy the spiral stitch, especially using a combination of beads and sizes. This piece was made with a single spiral stitch using delica seed beads and peridot chips. It's so pretty and sparkly.

The beads in between the spiral stitched pieces are sterling silver bali beads and cape amethyst beads. The focal bead on the necklace is set off center and was made by a wonderful lampwork artist, LeAnn Christian, whom I found on etsy. I was wanting a bead that incorporated the green and purple colors of the peridot and amethyst and the lampwork bead worked out great.

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