Thursday, May 31, 2007

Motorcycle Beaded Band for Dad's Hat

This past April when my dad was visiting us here in Kansas he decided to bead the band on his motorcycle hat. So we got out the beads and he designed the pattern that he wanted to go into the making of the beaded band. Then my sister Leora and I proceeded to show him how to do the flat peyote stitch. This was pretty funny seeing as we each had our own way of beginning the stitch. I have to say that after seeing how my big sis did it, I now begin the stitch her way.

Anyways, dad worked on the project into the night until he began making mistakes and then Leora worked on it some and I worked on it some as we were all visiting and shooting the bull. As the weekend went along we would pick it up from time to time and work on it. By the end of the weekend we had run out of the white beads and it was 85% finished. So I ordered more beads and finished it later in the week.

The design begins with the red eagle. Beside the eagle are two bronze stars which represent the bronze star my dad received in Vietnam. Then it has the red and blue diamond to both sides which represent the colors of the American flag. Next is the couple on the motorcycle, the green guy represents my dad and the purple one is my mom(her favorite color is purple). After the couple is a orange, green, and yellow diamond for the colors of the Vietnam War. Then the design has another motorcycle couple and a red, blue and yellow diamond again. I think it is just cool that my dad designed it and we helped him to make it. It was a really fun experience being able to do it with my dad and Leora.

Below is a picture of my Uncle Pete modeling the hat and photos of the bead work in detail.

Going Through Grandma's Jewelry

While I was at my Grandma B's this past weekend she brought out some of the jewelry that my sisters and I have made for her in the past, so I took some pics for everyone to see some of the earlier work.
The first necklace and earring set is one that I made probably 10 years ago. It is made with Chinese turquoise, black onyx, and silver beads. I made it for a Christmas present when I was just starting college.

This second necklace and earring set was made by my sister Angie within the past few years or so. I'm not really sure what type of stone the beads are made with, but is a very beautiful jewelry set and our Grandma B wears this one often.

Grandma B Wearing Her Necklace

Here are some pictures of Grandma B wearing her necklace and earrings that I had made for her as a gift from our family for her 80th birthday. She just loved it and was just too happy to see all of the family that made it out for her surprise party.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Funky Floral Earrings

Here are some earrings that I made to go with the purple bracelet on the last post. I used toho triangular beads, fiber optic beads, and glass beads. I think I will make some more to sell on my etsy site, although it will have to wait until I get back from my grandmothers birthday party this week.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Shades of Purple

Here is a bracelet that I just made for my mom. She really liked the mossy tree bark ones I made for etsy, so I made her one in purple. It is her favorite color and I think she will love it. It's kind of a belated Mothers Day present.

Leora really liked how I took the before and after photos of my last project so I decided to do the same again. I took pictures of the beads before I did anything with them and then the finished product of what I did with the beads at the end. It's kind of fun to see the beads used and then see what was actually made. I used toho triangular beads and delica seed beads for this project.



Saturday, May 19, 2007

Grandma B's Necklace

Ta dah! Here is the finished product of the necklace that I have been working on for my Grandma B. If anyone knows her please don't tell her it will be a surprise. I ended up adding some more beads to it. All in all, it is made with handmade beaded beads, fossilized coral, smokey quartz, freshwater pearls, and gold. By far it is my most favorite piece to date. I have been wearing it all day and already have received 3 compliments by complete strangers.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Here are the beads that I am using for my next project. It is a present for my Grandma B. I love the colors and hope it turns out the way I imagine it. I will post photos of the finished project when I am done.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Fire Red Jewelry Set

Here is my first completed set of jewelry that I have made to sell. I have now made a necklace, a bracelet, and earrings that all go together or can be worn seperately. Yeah! I think that they turned out pretty good too. Well, I will just let the pictures do the talking for me.

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