Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Colors in Contrast

I just recently put this necklace together. I bought the olivine jade doughnut beads this past summer in Tucson and have been waiting for the inspiration to make something with them. So the other night I pulled them out of my stash of beads and started laying them next to other beads that I had out and I came up with the smokey purple pearls and decided that was the match. The necklace itself is bold and refreshing, which is just what I like when the winter months start to creep up.

This necklace may be purchased at my etsy store at http://3sistersbeads.etsy.com/


Nicole said...

thanks for posting on my bloggy thread on etsy. i'm stopping by to check out everyone's blogs. nice jewelry. :-) hope you find a great home for this one!

Rachel said...

I just checked out your blog too. What a fun blog. So what was the one about choosing dif. words about?