Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Pinwheel Bracelet

So here is my latest creation. It's taken me a while to get it posted but here it is. I had a little fun photo shopping the pictures this time. I think they turned out pretty cool though. The bracelet is a lot of fun to wear and because of all the colors I can wear it with a lot of different outfits.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something for me!

Okay so I haven't made a whole lot lately and I decided to just make something for myself as I rarely do that anymore. So I bought a bunch of different Lucite cabs a while back thinking that they would turn into something cool one day and I finally got them out and started working with them. They are the blue and white ones in the picture above. I didn't want to bead them with just blue and white, so I went through my boxes of seed beads and picked out two colors that I thought really complimented them. The first is a delica seed bead called lined ruby/black.
The other is called opaque cactus luster.

I decided to bead the cabs with the two colors and soon realized that some of the cabs would also look good with a blue delica so I chose to use one called silver lined sapphire. I plan on weaving the cabs together some how to form a bracelet. So in the next few days I should be finished and I will post the final piece here.