Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Beading Update

I have been busy, busy, busy lately. I am in the process of getting some earrings ready to post in my etsy store in the next few days so I will post photos soon. I have also been asked to make a neat gift for a family member, but I will wait to explain what it is in a future post.

Last, but not least, I received a package in the mail from my sister Leora the other day. I was so happy because I went to visit her a few weekends ago and I left my sons tennis shoes and my cell phone charger at her house in St. Louis. So for the past week I have had to charge my phone on my car charger. Well I opened up the package and there was my charger and the shoes, but the best part was that she sent the gourd rattles that my dad wanted her to bead. Now my dad bought these rattles oh, I'm guessing 4 years ago, maybe longer for her to bead so that he could start dancing at the pow wows. Now the gourds have been handed down to me to bead. I just had to laugh because when I called her about it she said the gourds were the only reason I got my charger back so quickly because she wanted to pass the gourds off on me to finish for our dad. Needless to say I have a fun new project to do in the near future so that my dad can finally participate in the upcoming pow wows.

So hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have some new fun photos to post, seeing as my friend Eddie so politely told me the other day, that I need to get to work and start posting more bead work. So for all of you beading bloggers out there that enjoy this blog, I will soon have lots of new photos for you.

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