Sunday, October 7, 2007

Beading with the Martinez Boys

This beautiful jewelry was made by my two wonderful nephews from Arizona today. So yet another generation is beginning to bead and I am so happy that we can show their wonderful work on here for all to see. The first one was made by the oldest of the two boys, my nephew Skylar. He wanted me to point out to everyone that he made the necklace all on his own, with no help from his mom or anyone else for that matter. So way to go Skylar!

This is a necklace that Skylar made for his Grandma Lisa for Christmas this year.

This next necklace was made by the younger brother, my nephew Corbin. Corbin made this necklace and he has decided to keep for himself. Corbin also made some nice pieces for his Pokemon action figures as shown in the photo below

Pretty cool bud!

Pokemon Jewelry!

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