Monday, August 20, 2007

My Aunt Debi is the Best!

This past summer when I was in Tucson, visiting family, I made a deal with my Aunt Debi that if she made me a bag I would make her some jewelry. Well, here is the super duper cool bag that she made me. I received it in the mail about a week ago and I just love it! It is my favorite color, brown, and it is just too cool. It has three pockets and I just love the fabric! Thank you, thank you, thank you Aunt Debi!

In return I had promised her a necklace and earrings set. Well, I didn't have the jewelry made when I received the bag so last week I busted my butt and got it made. So here is a little sneak peak of what it looks like. I will post more photos of it later this week after Aunt Debi gets it in the mail. It is just lovely!


AvenueBeads said...

That certainly is a beautiful bag, and the jewelry you made in return is equally fab!


Rachel said...

Hey thanks Joe!

abbey753 said...

Beautiful Rachel

Rachel said...

Thanks Abbey753.