Friday, July 6, 2007

Leora's Birthday Present

Right before I went on vacation to my folks house in Sierra Vista, AZ I made a beautiful necklace for my sister Leora's birthday. Below are pictures of the beads and color scheme that I used to make the necklace and earring set. Unfortunately I just barely finished the night before I headed out to Arizona and was not able to get it posted beforehand.

round faceted smokey quartz beads
glass spear beads
smokey quartz discs
delica seed beads
delica seed beads

green nymo thread

After about three or four continuous nights of beading I managed to produce this necklace and earring set, which I just love. I was really tempted to just keep it for myself, but my excitement in seeing Leora's face when she received the present overcame the want to keep it. I actually got the idea of how I wanted to make this piece from a piece that Leora made me a few years back. Leora had made me a similar one a few years back using pearls instead of the smokey quartz. Knowing that Leora rarely makes jewelry for herself I decided to make her something just as wonderful as the jewelry that she made me.

Here are some photos of the necklace that Leora made me a few years back that I got my inspiration from. You can see the similarity and differences between the two.

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Christina said...

That's really beautiful. Leora is very lucky!