Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Green Garnet Necklace and Earring Set

Alright I can finally post the green garnet project that I had been working on all last week. I love this piece and I really enjoyed making it as it was for my Grandma T. She received it in the mail today and was just so happy. I would have posted it earlier, but I didn't want her to see it on the blog before she saw it in person. You may remember the one that I made for Grandma B in June, if you liked that one then you will love this one. I was commissioned by my folks to do both necklaces and it was just so much fun making them. I would spend my time thinking of Grandma T as I was making this and thinking how nice it was going to look on her.

First I made all of the beaded beads and then I strung them with green garnet, freshwater pearls, potato pearls, amazonite, aquamarine, and silver bali beads. I did the first strand with the beaded beads that were longer in length and the inner strand with the beaded beads that were shorter in length. I forgot to measure the length of the necklace before I shipped it off, but I think it was about 22 inches in length. I finished the project off with the same sterling silver clasp that I did my sister Leora's necklace in. I just love this clasp it is so elegant and beautiful. It just finished the piece off perfectly.

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