Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Coral On the Mind

This bracelet has been my best selling piece of jewelry so far. This will be the 4th bracelet in this style that I have made for someone so far. It must be something in the color combination that I have used. The colors of the sunset, reds, purples, yellows and everything in between. It is made with red coral, mookaite, fresh water pearls, delica seed beads, and bali silver. This bracelet was made for a customer from Sweden, who happens to be a relative in one way or another to my husband.

This bracelet is another customer order that I have just finished. They really liked the necklace and earrings that I had made for my Grandma B in a previous post and asked if I would make a bracelet and earrings similar to what I had made Grandma B. So here it is. It is made with fossil coral, fresh water pearls, smoky quartz, vermeil gold spacer beads, and a gold toggle clasp.

This particular piece will be going to someone in the Cape Cod area of the US. Hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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