Saturday, May 5, 2007

Beautiful Lariat

This is a lariat that my sister Leora just finished making. And its about time. 3 Sisters Beads isn't just 1 Sister anymore, now if I could only get my little sis Angie to get something posted. Of course Angie is too busy with her wedding plans right now, so I guess we can let her off the hook for now.

Leora has been beading for many years now and I am always impressed with the skill and work that she puts in to each peice that she makes. She really has an eye for patterns and color combinations. I am constantly recieving compliments for her work when I wear the jewelry that she has given to me as a present. When I used to teach at San Felipe Pueblo many of the teachers and staff would comment on her work and ask if she ever sold her jewelry and I would always have to say that she just made her jewelry for family.

This is Leora's first item to be posted on our site and it is just eloquent. The colors that she chose for this lariat are outstanding. They not only go well with each other, but they can go with pretty much any outfit you choose to wear with it. She chose to use seed beads the colors of creme, garnet and root beer. The ends of the lariat are finished off with creme and garnet tassles with larger flat garnet discs. I always tell people that Leora does the most georgeous work with seed beads and she has proved me right yet again with this garnet lariat. I just love it.

This lariat is a wonderful length and can be worn in many different styles. It measures 54 inches in length. I have posted some pictures below of the different ways that it can be worn. It is long enough that it can also be worn as a belt.

This lariat can be purchased at our store on etsy. Here is the link for it


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What a fun larait.

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WOW! That's so cool!

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