Thursday, April 5, 2007

Red Flames

I'm in the process of making a necklace to go with the fire red triangular peyote stitch bracelet that I posted earlier. It's coming along really well. I took some pics of it and I hope they look alright as it has been pretty gloomy out today. This Kansas weather is strange to say the least. One day it's hot and in the 80's and the next it's in the 30's. Anyways, I have some beading to do, so I will post more later.


diane said...

Thanks for checking out my blog and putting up my link!

I just went to the Native American Museum of Art in Washington DC this weekend and took some pictures of the gorgeous beading..I'll be posting them in the next day or so- I think you'd like them!

Thanks again,

Rachel said...

Thanks alot. I'll have to check it out.