Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Something for a friend

My mom had bought me some really cool lace curtains from Ikea in Phoenix a while back. They remind me of the kind of curtains people had in Germany when I lived there in the late 8o's. Anyways, when I got them they were way to long for my sliding glass door.
I can bead, but I can't sew to save my life. I even messed up hemming my sons bibs this past winter. So a friend of mine offered to hem them for me. Of course I was okay with that. So she sewed them up for me and they look great. The only thing is that she wouldn't let me pay her for them, so I finally made her something to repay her. She really likes pinks and purples. Colors I don't usually use together alot. I finally made her something with her colors and I think that it acutally turned out okay. I made it simular to the last bracelet that I made. I really like the way the bracelet lays so we'll have to see if she likes it too.


LJ said...

She'll like it. For sure!

Three Sisters Beads said...

Thanks. I took it over to her the other day after work and surprised her with it. She just loved it.